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If you found anything on this site of use, interesting, or even mildly amusing please consider tipping a few pennies in the jar to help support Georgi.

Georgi contracted encephalitis and fell into a coma in the summer of 2007. He’s a strong boy and survived, but he suffered brain damage and still can’t walk or talk (well, not very well - but he does try). He’s growing all the time and every penny we collect goes towards his upkeep, and towards his future care requirements.

Infinity Ink - Infinity




The Weeknd - The Hills


One Direction - Drag Me Down


AronChupa - I’m an albatraoz (KillHertz remix)


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Week 34 - 26 Aug 2016

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26 Aug 2016 - Week 34
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About this blog

This blog is largely maintained by Georgi himself using Windows Live Writer, with a little bit of help from his friends (but not too much).

Georgi is a native Russian speaker who has had NO English tuition whatsoever. What you see is what he’s picked up since recovering from his illness, by listening to people and using the internet. Hopefully his English and general education will improve to the point where he can use this blog to tell us all what we’re all waiting to hear, i.e. just what is in his mind, and what he went through during his illness. He can’t talk very well and although he’s doing quite well with his education (his tutor comes to the house three times a week) he is a few years behind in his schooling, so composition and keeping a diary of his thoughts are a little way off - certainly in English.

One day we’ll get there.

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